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Ben Dinh Tunnels

Uncover the secrets of the Ben Dinh Tunnels – one part of Cu Chi Tunnels, a vast network of underground passageways built and used by the Viet Cong to evade detection as they moved troops and supplies throughout Saigon’s northern districts. Deluxe Group Tours offers an informative tour to this historic site. Learn about the tenacious and ingenious spirit of Vietnamese culture as you experience the area’s thriving commerce, quite open spaces and hidden trails.

Ben Dinh Tunnels


Today, Cu Chi Tunnels actually have 2 different sites that open for public for travelers which are Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc. Ben Dinh Tunnels is more popular for tourist purposes since it is closer than Ben Duoc (about 60km ~ 1.5 hours from HCMC), this location is most chosen by many travel agents to operate Cu Chi Tunnels Tours so it is more touristy and crowded.

Ben Dinh Tunnels is a fascinating place not to be missed. Visitors to Ben Dinh can tour the main and auxiliary tunnels, explore the internal structure, and learn about life in Cu Chi during the war.

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What attractions are there in Ben Dinh Tunnels?

System of Ben Dinh Tunnels

Ben Dinh Tunnels  were built like a battle map and diversified to meet the needs of fighting against foreign invaders. With the unique values of architecture and great historical significance that Cu Chi Tunnels bring, Ben Dinh Tunnels relic is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


Ben Dinh Tunnels



To fully enjoy the visit to Cu Chi tunnels with the tunnel system is Ben Dinh, visitors must travel on the trails, then dive into the tunnel themselves to learn and observe so many hardships and dangers. The danger of the militia force “the land of steel into copper” Cu Chi had to endure during many years of long-term resistance to bring about peace and unification of the country.

Ben Dinh Tunnels

Coming to Ben Dinh tunnels, visitors can also watch movies about the history and development of Cu Chi tunnels. After that, visitors will learn about living places, weapons tunnels, meeting rooms, museums… In particular, visitors will be photographed on the tank as a souvenir.

During the war, disguise was an important component of the activities carried out in the Chi tunnels. Vietnamese fighters utilized a variety of ways to disguise their actions and blend in with their surroundings. Thus, the most interesting thing when visiting this tunnel is that, visitors will be moved down to the dry leaf tunnel to disguise.

Ben Dinh Tunnels

Let’s witness with our own eyes the famous Hoang Cam kitchen  which is a significant historical site within the Cu Chi tunnels system, utilized as a covert base and flour production facility by the Cu Chi’s residents during the war. It helped to cook and feed our army and people, but it was not difficult to go out for the enemy to detect.

Ben Dinh Tunnels

Ben Dinh Tunnels Activities: Travel Back in Time

Join the shooting game

An interesting experience when coming to Ben Dinh tunnels – Cu Chi  is that visitors will be able to participate in shooting. This sport is loved by many tourists and wants to experience when coming to Ben Dinh tunnels. Visitors will be able to choose a gun with instructions to shoot.

Ben Dinh Tunnels

Experiential activities

Visitors can participate in a variety of activities such as building stone houses, cooking and eating traditional dishes, learning the people’s defense and cheating techniques Cu Chi, and playing traditional games such as card games and skipping rope.

Ben Dinh Tunnels


Visitors can visit the souvenir shop at Ben Dinh Tunnels to find suitable gifts for relatives and friends such as:

  • Lighters;
  • Ballpoint pens;
  • Straps;
  • Beard sandals made from old tires;
  • Lacquer items;
  • High-class handicrafts;
  • Products made from rattan and bamboo.

Cu Chi Tunnels are not only a famous tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City but also a lasting national monument. With the above sharing, DELUXE GROUP TOURS believes that it will be a great choice for you when visiting Saigon and Cu Chi Tunnels. Let’s connect us to book Cu Chi Tunnels Tour Half Day in advance.

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