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Vung Tau Unwind In A Beach Town Paradise

There is a charming beach located in the Southeast region, which just takes 3 hours to drive from Ho Chi Minh City. Visiting Ba Ria – Vung Tau, you will be impressed by the natural beauty of the beach. You could seize up with the fascinating landscapes of the blue beaches, mountains, and quiet pagodas no matter what you’re everywhere in Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Vung Tau Unwind In A Beach Town Paradise

  Vung Tau unwinds in a beach town paradise


1. Take a picture of a Giant Jesus statue

The Statue of Jesus Christ is seen as the highest statue in Asia with a peak of 32 meters and is also regarded as the mini model of the Statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You should walk approximately 1000 steps to get to the foot of the statue and a spiral staircase with 133 steps to get to the arms of the statue where you could experience the excellent view of the sea and Vung Tau City.

Vung Tau Unwind In A Beach Town Paradise

2. Visit Vung Tau Lighthouse

You should not pass over the antique lighthouse – one of the most well-known lighthouses in Viet Nam, placed at the top of Small Mountain, Vung Tau Lighthouse is famous for its awesome structure colored in white. When you reach the balcony at the top of the lighthouse, you could see the 360-degree vista of Vung Tau City and the sea. Along the mountain slope, the nearer we get to the top, the greater the herbal panorama we will see. It might be better for you to go to the lighthouse in the evening, as a sparkled seacoast might seem in front of your eyes.

Vung Tau unwind in a beach town paradise
Vung Tau unwinds in a beach town paradise

3. Get to know about the history of Con Dao prison

If you already know about some of the worst prisons such as Attica Correctional Facility, Belmarsh, etc, Con Dao Prison is the biggest jail in Indochina, which is deemed as a terrifying hell in Asia and is also at the listing of the ten maximum cruel prisons in the world. For more than 100 years, almost 20,000 innovative soldiers from different generations had been imprisoned, tortured, and sacrificed.

In addition, Con Dao Prison is well-known for the brutal exile of French colonialists and American imperialists, which held patriotic, innovative opponents in Vietnam. It’s a great location for visitors who’re interested in gaining knowledge of Vietnamese history. You will have an unforgettable experience in Con Dao Prison.

Vung Tau Unwind In A Beach Town Paradise

4. Visit the seafood local market

Vietnam is a coastal country with a huge sort of seafood, fresh, delicious, and really affordable. In Vung Tau, seafood is taken into consideration as scrumptious and less expensive in different places. If you need to experience seafood in Vung Tau and need to buy food in the marketplace of Vietnamese, don’t forget the seafood marketplace in Vung Tau. There some options for you are:

+ Xom Luoi Seafood Market is regarded as the place to sell fresh seafood that is the cheapest in this city. The location is right at a corner of Phan Boi Chau Street, intersection with Nguyen Cong Tru Street.

+ Ben Da Market located on Tran Phu Street, Ward 5, Vung Tau City, is right near Ben Da so that the seafood here is fishing and brought back immediately to Ben Da port. The opening hours are from 6 am to 6 pm daily.

Let’s enjoy your food tour in this vivid beach town by booking Vung Tau Street Food Tour for 1 Day.

Vung Tau Unwind In A Beach Town Paradise

5. Relax at beaches

Vung Tau has very extensive beaches. Tourists often swim in Back Beach (Bai Sau) and enjoy sightseeing in Front Beach (Bai Truoc). Moreover, backpacker tourists nowadays recommend visiting Pineapple Beach (Bai Dua) or Mulberry Beach (Bai Dau), Nghinh Phong Beach, etc.

In fact, the most famous beach is the Front Beach is directly located in the city center of Vung Tau, with many high buildings and busy shopping centers. If you would like to enjoy the tranquility, and poetic seascape, and explore places with cultural imprints of Vung Tau, Front Beach will be an option that makes you satisfied.

Vung Tau unwind in a beach town paradise
Vung Tau unwinds in a beach town paradise


The good news is it’s very convenient and easy to get there. You can choose the bus or hydrofoil, both of them are fast and safe. Anyway, taking a hydrofoil is the best way to see the commercial maritime areas as the boat runs through the Sai Gon River towards the sea. Then, you can go there by yourself by motorbike, which is cheaper and has a more wonderful experience.

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