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Hue Citadel entrance fee – Planning Your Visit to Hue Citadel in 2023

Hue Citadel entrance fee – Planning Your Visit to Hue Citadel in 2023

Hue Citadel entrance fee varies depending on the ticket type and the duration of your visit. Typically, there are different ticket options, including single-entry tickets for a day visit and combination tickets that grant access to multiple historic sites within the city. The fees contribute to the preservation and maintenance of this historical site, ensuring that future generations can continue to marvel at its architectural beauty and learn about its storied past. However, verifying the current entrance fees and ticket options before planning your visit is essential, as they may have changed whenever. Follow Deluxe Group Tourslast updated ticket prices for the complex of Hue monuments.

Royal Tombs Adult Children ( aged: 7-12) Validity
Hue Imperial Palace 200.000 VNĐ 40.000 VNĐ 1 day
Tomb Minh Mang/ Tu Duc/Khai Dinh 150.000 VNĐ 30.000 VNĐ 1 day
Tomb Gia Long Tomb/ Thieu Tri Tomb/ Dong Khanh Tomb 50.000 VNĐ Free 1 day
Combo ticket ( Imperial Citadel, Minh mang tomb, Khai dinh tomb) 420.000 VNĐ 80.000 VNĐ 2 day
Combo ticket ( Imperial Citade, Minh Mang tomb, Khai dinh tomb, Tu Duc tomb) 530.000 VNĐ 100.000 VNĐ 2 days
Combo tickets ( All the sites) 580.000 VNĐ 110.000 VNĐ 3 days


Royal Tombs Adult Children ( aged: 7-12) Validity
Gia Long Tomb 50.000 VNĐ Free 1 day
Minh Mang Tomb 150.000 VNĐ 30.000 VNĐ 1 day
Thieu Tri Tomb 50.000 VNĐ Free 1 day
Tu Duc Tomb 150.000 VNĐ 30.000 VNĐ 1 day
Duc Duc Tomb 50.000 VNĐ Free 1 day
Dong Khanh Tomb 50.000 VNĐ Free 1 day
Khai Dinh Tomb 150.000 VNĐ 30.000 VNĐ 1 day


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The Hue Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the heart of Hue, Vietnam, beckons visitors with its rich historical and cultural significance. To explore this ancient imperial city and immerse oneself in its centuries-old charm, a hue entrance fee is required.

In particular, reaching the entrance of the Hue Imperial City is quite convenient. There are multiple transportation choices available to you:

  • If your hotel is situated in the central area of Hue city and is reasonably close, you can effortlessly reach the Hue Citadel by walking.
  • Alternatively, you can easily arrange for a taxi or book a Grab ride to take you directly to the Hue Citadel by providing the driver with the address.
  • For a more traditional experience, you also have the option of using a cyclo, which is a typical mode of transportation used by the locals in Hue.
  • Another possibility is to rent a bicycle, which is readily available at various locations in Hue. Renting a bicycle allows you to embark on a healthy and enjoyable journey to the Hue Imperial City.

When considering a visit to the Imperial Citadel of Hue, it’s important to remember to wear comfortable attire that allows for easy movement. This is because you’ll encounter many areas that involve significant walking. Additionally, it’s essential to dress respectfully, particularly when visiting sacred sites like palaces.

Another equally critical aspect to keep in mind when visiting the Hue Imperial Citadel is its opening hours. Most of Hue Citadel’s tourist sites begin their operations at 7:30 in the morning and wrap up at 05:00 in the evening.

The Hue Citadel trip is a captivating journey through the historical heart of Vietnam, offering a glimpse into the rich imperial history of the country. As you embark on this remarkable excursion, you’ll first arrive at the Ngo Mon Gate, a grand entrance that once served as the main gateway to the imperial city of Hue. Its imposing structure, adorned with intricate architectural details, sets the stage for the majestic sights that await you within.

Ngo Mon Gate- Deluxe Group Tours

Continuing your exploration, you’ll step into the Throne Palace, a majestic structure that once housed the Nguyen Dynasty’s emperors. Here, you can marvel at the opulent surroundings and gain insight into the life of royalty during the dynasty’s reign. Adjacent to the Throne Palace, you’ll encounter two Mandarin buildings, which were instrumental in the administration of the royal court.

Throne Palace-Deluxe Group Tours

Nearby, the Dien Tho Palace awaits, providing a striking contrast with its refined, elegant architecture and serene gardens. This palace was once reserved for the empresses and concubines of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Dien Tho Palace-Deluxe Group Tours

The tour continues with a stop at the Tinh Minh Building, a place of worship and reflection for the emperors, and the Phuoc Tho Temple, a sanctuary dedicated to the worship of guardian spirits. These spiritual sites offer insight into the profound religious beliefs that shaped the lives of the dynasty’s rulers.


Moving on, you’ll explore the To Mieu and Hung Mieu Compound, which houses the shrines and altars dedicated to the Nguyen Dynasty emperors and their ancestors. These elaborate structures showcase the deep reverence and devotion the dynasty had for its lineage.

To Mieu and Hung Mieu Compound-Deluxe Group Tours

Lastly, your journey concludes at the Hien Lam Pavilion, a tranquil pavilion set amidst lush gardens, providing a peaceful end to your exploration of the Hue Citadel.

Hien Lam Pavilion-Deluxe Group Tours

Exploring Vietnam’s imperial history at the Hue Citadel requires one to pay an entrance fee. This fee is crucial for the upkeep and restoration of these historic sites, which offer unique insights into the grandeur, spirituality, and cultural significance of the Nguyen Dynasty.

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