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Binh Duong – “The sleeping beauty at the ancient town”

While Binh Duong province may not have as many famous scenic landscapes as other provinces and cities in the country, it still possesses distinctive values with interesting stopping points and traditional craft villages that bear the unique imprint of the land and its people.

Binh Duong The sleeping beauty at the ancient town

1. Where is Binh Duong Province?

Binh Duong is placed withinside the south of Vietnam. It is surrounded by Binh Phuoc to the north, Tay Ninh to the west, Dong Nai to the east, and Ho Chi Minh City to the south. In addition, this province is taken into consideration to be the gateway to HCMC, the monetary and cultural middle of the country. With its thriving industrial sector and multinational corporations, it serves as a significant economic powerhouse in the region. Besides, the province has huge cultural resources that are the best thing for tourists who want to know about Vietnamese culture.

2. What is the history of Binh Duong?

Back in history, Binh Duong was part of Song Be province, which was divided into Binh Duong and Binh Phuoc in 1997. It changed into determined on the equal time as Saigon-Dong Nai in the territory expands to the South technique led through Nguyen Huu Canh. Due to special events, there are up to fifteen ethnic corporations residing in this province including the Kinh, the Hoa, the Khmer, and different ethnic people.


Binh Duong The sleeping beauty at the ancient town

3. Where in Binh Duong to go?

There are some exciting cultural activities that are massive for Binh Duong province and can not be overlooked like Thien Hau Pagoda – a worshipping site and non-secular location attracting many pilgrims from everywhere in the country. On an annual basis, on the 15th of the 1st lunar month, there is the Thien Hau Pagoda Festival – the anniversary of the demise of Thien Hau.

Binh Duong – “The sleeping beauty at the ancient town”

Hoi Khanh Pagoda (Vietnamese: Chùa Hội Khánh, Chữ Hán: 會慶寺) is a historic Buddhist temple built in 1741. One notable monk to have come from Hoi Khanh Temple, who was seemed as the lead monk of his time from southern Vietnam, was Thích Từ Văn. The pagoda is presently the headquarters of the provincial Buddhist affiliation and has been indexed with the aid of using the Vietnamese authorities as having a history value on the grounds of being enormous in national culture.

Binh Duong – “The sleeping beauty at the ancient town”

You feel like stepping into a fairyland when arriving at Binh An Lake Tourist Area in Di An City, which used to be a military base of the US – Nguy forces. True to its name, the road surrounding the lake is lined with rows of tall, straight trees swaying gracefully in the wind, while birds fly and sing melodiously, creating a harmonious atmosphere. Everything blends together to create a serene and comfortable ambiance that feels utterly unfamiliar and captivating.

Binh Duong – “The sleeping beauty at the ancient town”

4. Binh Duong is famous for which traditional villages?

Binh Duong is known as skillful craftworks villages such as:

  • Knitting Bamboo and Rattan Craft Village

Ms. Huynh Thi Kim Tuyen, manager of the company, said that with their creativity and ingenuity, the people working here have produced many types of simple and rustic rattan and bamboo products with a rustic village character. Passion and love for the traditional craft have been shown on each product of the craftsmen. Bamboo and rattan is a very developing item, favored by many customers. To meet consumer tastes, the company’s products are always stylized, especially baskets, bags, trays, and other interior decoration items. The company always requires continuous creativity, creating products with diverse designs and categories.

Binh Duong The sleeping beauty at the ancient town

  • Binh Duong Ceramic Village

 Binh Duong ceramic village uses glossy paint, and good enamel, and is trusted by consumers for many years. The most famous Binh Duong ceramics is Minh Long ceramics. This brand is known by everyone in Binh Duong, Minh Long’s products are exported to many countries in the region and the world such as the UK, USA, France, and Japan… The main products of the craft village are mainly cups, bowls, jars, vases, tea cups…. The common point for all pottery kilns here is that they are handmade and use traditional firewood. To produce beautiful and quality products requires the skill of the mold maker and the long-term experience of burning wood stoves to be very skillful.

Binh Duong – “The sleeping beauty at the ancient town”


  • Tuong Binh Hiep Lacquer Village

Tuong Binh Hiep Lacquer Village is the cradle of the lacquer industry in Binh Duong province and the Southeast region. The traditional rustic beauty is imbued with Asian style, so Tuong Binh Hiep lacquer paintings have been exported all over the world. The products of Tuong Binh Hiep lacquer village are very diverse.

Binh Duong The sleeping beauty at the ancient town

  • Wood carving

Wood carving in Binh Duong has existed and developed for more than 200 years. This is one of the main occupations of residents when they first come to the South. Coming to the woodcarving village, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of sculpting associated with the development history of the land, listen to artisans tell old stories, and see the flower hands following each carving.

Binh Duong The sleeping beauty at the ancient town


5. How to get there?

Binh Duong has National Highway No.13 and many provincial roads that link to surrounding provinces. Thu Dau Mot Town is 30km from Ho Chi Minh City, 1,740km from Hanoi, 129km from Tay Ninh, and 40km from Dong Nai. Moreover, Bình Duong is only 10–15 kilometers (6.2–9.3 mi) from Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport and important ports.

Binh Duong The sleeping beauty at the ancient town

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