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Bach Ma National Park – Top 1 Nature’s Beauty in Hue

Hue tourism not only includes cultural landmarks such as Khai Dinh Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda, etc., but also boasts many beautiful and majestic natural landscapes. The natural attractions in Thua Thien Hue often exhibit a unique and captivating beauty. Follow Deluxe Group Tours to explore Bach Ma National Park, one of the impressive destinations for you when visiting Hue.

Bach Ma National Park is located in the Phu Loc district of Thua Thien Hue province, 40 kilometers from the center of Hue and 65 kilometers from Da Nang. Coming to Bach Ma National Park, you will admire the feast of sight and the sound of nature because this is a biodiverse haven, home to rare animal and plant species, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts seeking untamed beauty.

Bach Ma National Park - Top 1 Nature's Beauty in Hue

Bach Ma National Park Overview

Bach Ma National Park nestles against the Truong Son Range in Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province. It resembles a white horse stretching its legs towards the vast sea.

Bach Ma is recognized as one of the few national parks in the Indochina region with high biodiversity, featuring numerous rare plant and animal species. Covering an area of up to 37,500 hectares, Bach Ma National Park is home to 2,373 species of plants and 1,715 species of animals, many of which are rare and listed in the Red Book. Additionally, the park includes Bach Ma Peak, reaching an elevation of 1,450 meters above sea level, considered the highest point within Bach Ma National Park.

Bach Ma National Park - Top 1 Nature's Beauty in Hue

Regarding the name “Bach Ma,” which means white horse, locals here tell a story that in the past, celestials often rode white horses to Bach Ma Mountain to play chess. While the celestials were engrossed in their game, the horses would leisurely graze on the tender grass. Unable to wait for the horses, the celestial beings had to fly back to the sky. The wandering herd of horses, bewildered and aimless, roamed the mountains, transforming into clouds resembling white horses, waiting year-round for their owner at Bach Ma.

Bach Ma National Park Highlights

1. Visit Hai Vong Dai

Bach Ma National Park - Top 1 Nature's Beauty in Hue

Situated on the majestic peak of Bach Ma is the Hai Vong Dai, at an elevation of approximately 1430 meters above sea level. This is the most fascinating attraction in Bach Ma National Park. Standing on the Hai Vong Dai, you can broaden your view to admire the panoramic scenery of the majestic mountains and forests of Bach Ma National Park and gaze upon the pristine beauty of Lang Co Bay or the deep blue waters of the East Sea seamlessly blending with the sky.

If you have time, you should stay at this location a bit longer to witness the exquisite transformations of nature: when the sun shines, the scenery becomes even more vibrant; when white clouds arrive, they may cover the sun, weaving through the mountains, and subtly form a “smoke layer” drifting around the Hai Vong Dai.

Particularly, there are wooden benches already available that usually serve as accommodation for those who go trekking and wish to stay overnight.

2. Explore Ngu Ho (Five Lakes)

From Hai Vong Dai, about 2km downhill, you will come across the Villa of Do Quyen. Going further inside, there is a sign directing the way to Ngu Ho (Five Lakes): The trail to Ngu Ho is about 2km long, taking around 30 minutes on foot through a forest with diverse plant species. Along the way, you will encounter a series of waterfalls and crystal-clear, serene lakes that are dreamlike.

Ngu Ho - Bach Ma National Park

Ngu Ho, this distinctive name is derived from five small lakes positioned closely together, forming a large stream. Due to being deep in the forest and elevated, the water in the lakes is very clear and refreshingly cool. To reach Ngu Ho, this poetic destination, you must trek through the shady forest on small trails, particularly encountering sections where you must cling to ropes to cross streams to reach the shores.

When you arrive at Ngu Ho, you almost feel like touching the Bach Ma Forest’s breath, inhaling the incredibly fresh air of the mountainous forest, and tuning your ears to the gentle rustling sound of flowing streams.

3. Check-in at Do Quyen Waterfall (Rhododendron Waterfall)

Do Quyen Falls - Bach Ma National Park

Do Quyen Waterfall, the tallest waterfall in ASEAN, is situated at a height of 300 meters in Bach Ma National Park. Do Quyen Waterfall earns its name because, during the flowering season, the surrounding area is covered in thousands of rhododendron flowers, creating a picturesque scene reminiscent of a celestial fairyland. To marvel at the cascading white rhododendron blossoms against the sky, a distinctive flower of Bach Ma, you need to ascend 689 stone steps.

Do Quyen Waterfall not only treats you to a visual feast with its majestic and poetic beauty amid the mountainous landscape but also provides a unique symphony of sounds of water briskly flowing over the rocks of the Yen River, the thunderous roar of Do Quyen Waterfall cascading from above, the rhythmic sounds of water dancing on rocks, and the rustling of the forest leaves in the evening breeze.

4. Experience exploring the Cho Den forest

Bach Ma National Park - Top 1 Nature's Beauty in Hue

Bach Ma National Park boasts a diverse ecosystem, among which the mention of the towering old-growth Cho Den forest is noteworthy. This forest is home to many majestic Cho Den trees, characterized by straight trunks and canopy shapes resembling towers, with diameters exceeding 1 meter and heights of over 30 meters. Exploring the Cho Den forest is truly captivating, particularly for those who have a keen interest in the plant, featuring ancient towering trees with massive trunks that might require multiple arms to embrace fully.

To explore the Cho Den forest, you will travel approximately 3km from the Bach Ma National Park station. Along the way, you will easily come across the sight of small clusters of sprouting trees, progressing to medium-sized canopies mingling in the scarce space where sunlight filters through. Each Cho Den tree stands like colossal, sturdy columns, reaching high into the sky. If you enjoy thrilling activities, you can participate in some challenging entertainment, such as a cable slide or walking on a swaying net high above the ground.

5.Experience Trekking trails

Not only is Bach Ma National Park an endless source of natural inspiration, but it is also a paradise for those passionate about trekking, featuring trekking trails harmonizing with nature.

trekking bach ma national park

Summit hike: The trail to the mountain peak is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the majestic nature of the four vibrant seasons, with blooming bougainvillea and ground orchids flowering throughout the year, making every step you take delightful. Peeking out from behind the bushes are some French-style villas, and as you ascend to the mountain’s summit, the magnificent landscape of Bach Ma National Park will unfold before you.

trekking bach ma national park

Five Lakes Trail: Trek through the pristine forest by navigating small trails to reach Five Lakes, where a waterfall and five small lakes converge in one spot. Upon reaching Five Lakes, you can indulge in bathing in crystal-clear and chillingly refreshing water, followed by a lunch break and rest on large rocks. Enjoy moments of relaxation after hours of sweating during the trek.

Rhododendron Waterfall Trail: The trek to Do Quyen Waterfall is not only challenging in terms of the journey but also involves climbing the final 689 steps to be able to admire the picturesque Yen River, gently flowing amidst vibrant green rhododendron carpets of various colors, showcasing their beauty. You can listen to the symphony of the colossal water orchestra echoing magnificently beneath the feet of Bach Ma.

trekking bach ma national park

Best Time To Visit Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park enjoys a generally mild climate with little rain, which is ideal for travel, outdoor sports, and lakeside bathing. Hue has two different seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

The ideal time to visit is during the dry season, from December to April each year. This period is optimal for traveling to Bach Ma National Park as the climate is relatively dry. However, depending on preferences and suitable scheduling, you can choose a suitable time to travel to Bach Ma.

4. How To Get To Bach Ma National Park

1. From Hue city center

It would be best to travel along National Highway 1A towards Da Nang from the center of Hue. Then inquire about the directions to Phu Loc, continue straight until you see signs indicating the way to Bach Ma, and follow the instructions to reach the destination. Upon arrival, you need to park your vehicle at the management center and purchase tickets at the counter for 40,000 VND per person to explore Bach Ma National Park.

Note: On the way to Phuc Loc commune, you will see a sign directing you to Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery. If you wish to visit the monastery, turn accordingly; otherwise, continue straight and do not make the turn.

2. From Da Nang city center

If you are in Da Nang city, head towards Hai Van Pass to get on National Highway 1A, then follow the directions as mentioned above.

Bach Ma National Park Travel Tips

  • When entering the Bach Ma forest, there are many jungle leeches, so be sure to bring insect repellent. Additionally, sunscreen is essential.
  • If your journey involves trekking, prepare a tent, food and drinks, a blanket, a sleeping bag, and insect repellent, especially cold-resistant equipment, because the nighttime temperature in the mountains can be quite low.
  • Wear a thin jacket along with comfortable long pants to avoid insects.
  • Mountain hiking shoes or sneakers are necessary for exploring Bach Ma Forest to ensure a comfortable journey.
  • The entire route is not too steep and relatively easy to conquer, but the path up the mountain is tricky, and there is often fog obscuring the view. Equip yourself with sufficient protective gear and specialized mountain climbing equipment to ensure safety during the journey.
  • During your journey, please collect your litter before leaving the tourist area to avoid impacting the local ecosystem.

If you are looking for the peaceful beauty of nature, Bach Ma will provide you with a visual feast. 

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