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Rickshaws Journeys in My Tho: Immersing Yourself in Authentic Mekong Delta Explorations

Rickshaws Journeys in My Tho: Immersing Yourself in Authentic Mekong Delta Explorations

My Tho is a city where rickshaws are the daily means of transportation for the locals, creating a unique charm for tourists. If you get the opportunity to visit My Tho, make sure to experience the sensation of swaying while sitting on a rickshaw. This will give you a deeper insight into this distinctive mode of transport, rich in the flavors of the Mekong Delta.

Exploring My Tho’s Rickshaw Bikes

What is Rickshaws (Xe Lôi)?

A ‘xe lôi’ refers to a regular vehicle with an additional towing component attached at the back, designed for transporting goods or people. This extra towing part operates based on the leading vehicle’s movement rather than having its engine or separate propulsion. In Vietnam’s northern region, it is commonly known as a ‘xe kéo,’ whereas in the western, it is called a ‘xe lôi.’

Rickshaws Journeys in My Tho: Immersing Yourself in Authentic Mekong Delta Explorations

A rickshaw is a homemade vehicle designed to help people carry more passengers or goods. Although rickshaws are simple and rudimental in construction, they hold immense practicality in daily life. This kind of vehicle is readily available in various places. In rural and mountainous areas, rickshaws are employed to move items like rice, flowers, and livestock. In urban areas, vendors utilize these rickshaws to expand their businesses, transporting goods such as vegetables and meat.

Rickshaws in My Tho

As previously said, rickshaws are popular in practically all parts of Vietnam, from the north to the south, in both rural and urban areas. However, what is particularly special is the use of rickshaws to transport tourists, which perhaps only happens in Vietnam’s Western region. As a result, the name “rickshaws in My Tho” or “rickshaws in the West” quickly arose, transporting visitors freely throughout the region’s canals. Rather than using buses or taxis in My Tho, a rickshaw ride will undoubtedly create an impact on you.

To accommodate the need for passenger transportation, the most frequent rickshaws in My Tho are modified motorbikes or bicycles with passenger-friendly back compartments. These compartments are frequently fashioned like spheres, similar to those found on traditional rickshaws. Furthermore, these rickshaws have been upgraded with curved cloth canopies to give cover from the heat and rain.

Rickshaws Journeys in My Tho: Immersing Yourself in Authentic Mekong Delta Explorations

Rickshaws come in a variety of forms and sizes since they are handcrafted. There are one-person rickshaws for transporting one passenger, as well as lengthier compartment rickshaws for transporting seven to eight passengers, and occasionally even products. Typically, these larger rickshaws are owned by traders coming from the border areas of Tri Ton and Tinh Bien in An Giang province, who rent them out to transport both people and goods.

Within tourism, the rickshaws in My Tho, resembling traditional rickshaws, hold particular appeal. This preference is rooted in their novelty and the unique experience they offer. Riding in these bumpy rickshaws allows tourists to engage with My Tho’s raw and intimate facets. It provides a chance to hear moving life stories and tales of livelihood from the resilient men pedaling their old bicycles to support their families. Rickshaws have become closely intertwined with the identity of My Tho and the broader Mekong Delta region. They stand out as a defining feature of this watery landscape, drawing visitors year after year.

My Tho Up Close: Experience A Rickshaw Ride Through Local Life

The sensation of sitting in a rickshaw is unsteady, much like the feeling when you sit in a cyclo. In the Mekong Delta area, individuals usually opt for bicycles with flat handlebars like the traditional Thong Nhat bikes. These bikes have elevated seats, making them even more precarious when a compartment is attached at the back. Nevertheless, you can be confident in your safety, as rickshaws with four wheels are primarily driven by skilled operators who have devoted a significant part of their lives to pedaling passengers.

Rickshaws Journeys in My Tho: Immersing Yourself in Authentic Mekong Delta Explorations

Usually, for around 100,000 VND, you can enjoy a rickshaw ride in My Tho for about 45 minutes. The rickshaw is available to take you to popular tourist destinations like the floating market in Cai Be and the orchards, according to your preferences. In the evening, the sensation of riding a rickshaw through the streets of My Tho, admiring the calm and serene river, will undoubtedly delight you. Or you might be surprised to witness weddings with the bride being escorted in a rickshaw, sitting in the decorated carriage adorned with lovely flowers. Rickshaws in My Tho are an integral aspect of life for the locals, and they embody the authentic and warm-hearted spirit of this region.

These are the details about Rickshaws in My Tho that Deluxe Group Tours has compiled. We hope that when you have the opportunity to visit, you will experience it firsthand and share your impressions with us.

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