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Located way out in the suburbs, at Nguyen Van Huyen Street in Cau Giay district, about 7km from the city centre, the Museum of Ethnology is the most interesting museum in Hanoi. Occupying a modern structure, the terrific collection here features well-presented tribal art, artefacts and everyday objects gathered from across the nation. The museum offers a deep insight into 54 different ethnic groups of Vietnam in an effort to preserve cultural heritage and promote socio-cultural diversity within the country. The museum has both inside and outside section. The indoor displays artifacts including photographs, audiotapes and everyday objects of ethnic groups like Muong, Tho, Chut and so on. There is wide range of interesting items that related to daily life of 54 communities on display at the museum like clothes, jewellery and items relating to weddings, funeral ceremonies and other spiritual rituals. While the in-housed exhibition is particularly informative, the outdoors display and activities make the museum stand out from the rest. The outdoor area presents a number of model houses of ethic minorities who live in the Northern and Central Highlands, for example a Tay stilt house and an impressive Bahnar communal structure. You will be attracted by the elaboration of these structures, at the same time, you can participate in traditional games and activities such as water puppet show, calligraphy or stone game. There is a fair-trade craft shop sells books, beautiful postcards, and arts and crafts from ethnic communities. Finally, compared with other museums in Hanoi, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is worth a thorough visit, for those who are keen to learn about the multiculturality of Vietnam and for those who would appreciate some green space.

Opening Hours: 08:30-17:30, closed Mondays