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Hue Markets: Insight Into The Locals’ Life

Each region is characterized by markets holding different values. Join Deluxe Group Tours to explore Hue markets, where daily life’s scenes, colors, flavors, and vivid sounds converge.

Dong Ba Market – the most famous tourist market in Hue.

Dong Ba Market is one of the most famous markets in Hue. You should try this market once when you come to the ancient capital. It will not make you waste your time in vain; instead, you will be overwhelmed by the bustle of this place.

Operating from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., but the market is always bustling with buyers from morning to afternoon. The reason for that is probably because this is one of the largest markets in Hue, selling all kinds of items, from food and garments to all kinds of Hue specialties. There is no shortage of anything, and not only is it known, and visited by locals but also attracts a lot of tourists. Even more special is during Tet holidays, when local people from all over come to the market to buy Tet items. The already small aisles become even more narrow and crowded.

Even though it’s crowded, this is a valuable experience for me when visiting near Tet. Fully experience the New Year’s atmosphere of the local people, when parents are busy shopping and young people eagerly take Tet photos in the ancient capital-like setting of this market.

  • Address: 02 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Hoa Ward, Hue City

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An Cuu Market – a famous traditional market in Hue.

While not as large-scale as Dong Ba Market, the goods at An Cuu Market are still diverse and meet the daily needs of locals. In particular, An Cuu Market is one of the “hot” markets in Hue that allows you to experience the regional specialties.

From various types of grilled pork noodles, turmeric rice vermicelli, and beef noodle soup to several cakes such as loc cakes, nam cakes, water fern cakes, etc., which all leave a beautiful impression on your heart. This is not only due to their delicious taste but also to the rich and friendly local characteristics, reflected in the warm smiles and affectionate Hue accent.

In addition to savoring the delicious dishes at An Cuu Market, you can also purchase unique products from Hue, such as various types of fish sauce, sesame candies, conical hats, royal tea, etc., to bring back as gifts for your loved ones.

This market area brings to mind the atmosphere of a deeply rooted traditional Hue market with enthusiastic and friendly vendors. The prices at the market are also more reasonable compared to larger markets.

  • Address: Hung Vuong, Phu Nhuan, Hue City

Thuan An Market – fresh seafood market

Thuan An Market, carrying the blood of a coastal fishing village, is always filled with fresh seafood from the lagoon and the sea. The purchasing of seafood starts very early, when the fishing boats have just arrived, carrying fresh seafood for distribution everywhere. The market is busy in the early morning, and seafood sells very well, so in the afternoon, the market takes on a more loving look.

Fishing village life appears in the livelihood of the fishermen, bringing the salty flavor of the sea breeze, the results after nights floating at sea. Not only fresh seafood, but Thuan An Market also distributes dried seafood throughout the country.

At the Thuan An market, I deeply felt the optimistic spirit of the coastal people. Even though their lives depended on the whims of the weather, everyone’s faces were adorned with smiles. The lively and vibrant atmosphere, filled with bursts of laughter during market days, makes me excited about this atmosphere. More especially, the enticing activity of making Hue pancakes right at the market allowed me to vividly experience the deliciousness of seafood. The combination of seafood with the distinctive rice pancake batter from the locals created a uniquely delicious and indescribable flavor.

  • Address: Thai Duong, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue.

Chuon Market – the irresistible rustic cuisine market.

About 15km from the center of Hue City, there is a rustic countryside market called Chuon Market, with appealing and unique cuisine that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. The culinary offerings at Chuon market may not be extensive, but they are enough to make one nostalgic with enticing dishes with distinctive flavors.

Chuon market provides an optimal experience of the rustic Hue cuisine. Renowned for its sizzling pancake stalls to the extent that mentioning Chuon village immediately brings to mind the delicious fish pancake. However, few know that the market also boasts a variety of other tempting and delicious dishes waiting for you to explore.

From aromatic and deliciously sliced bread soup and flavorful porridge with a strong Hue taste to turmeric-stir-fried pig offal vermicelli with a rich and chewy texture and the fragrant aroma of turmeric, etc. Chuon Market promises to be a fascinating destination for exploring Hue’s enticing cuisine.

The cuisine of the Chuon market exerts a special charm on me, providing a unique experience that brings me closer to the rustic, unpretentious local flavors that are distinctive in their simplicity.

  • Address: Phu An, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien Hue

Tay Loc Market – the largest flea market in Hue.

Completely different from the quiet atmosphere in expensive shopping centers with flashy signs, this flea market in the Ancient Capital area strangely attracts visitors, especially in the evenings. The items on the market are quite diverse, ranging from food, fabric, clothing, electrical and water equipment, and wooden items, all at affordable prices.

Although open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., the market is always bustling. It seems like there is never enough time for enthusiasts to explore. In particular, the area of the commoner’s street market in front of the market has become a paradise for shopping for unique secondhand items, with a variety of products, including clothing, shoes, hats, socks, etc.

The image of items displayed on canvas sheets, with buyers surrounding them, gives me a peaceful feeling every time. With extremely reasonable prices, the Tay Loc Market attracts many students as well as tourists who come to visit and shop. This is also a market that I highly recommend you visit.

  • Address: 209 Nguyen Trai, Tay Loc Ward, Hue City

Phu Hau Market – wholesale market No. 1 Hue

Phu Hau Market is the largest wholesale market in Hue. This is the place where goods, vegetables, and seafood are supplied to various other markets throughout Thua Thien Hue province. Even small traders from neighboring provinces come here to source products.

The busiest time at this market is probably from 3 to 5 in the morning when the bustling  market is filled with the sounds of buying and unloading goods to distribute to retail markets in Hue. Not only is it known for affordable prices, but this bustling wholesale market in Hue is also a place where you can find fresh and high-quality goods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, various types of seafood, and poultry are available at reasonable prices. Although residents have to wake up early to go to Phu Hau Wholesale Market, they are rewarded with fresh and delicious items, saving some money for their daily expenses. Despite the influx of people starting at 3 in the morning, some stalls remain busy with buyers and sellers even after the sun rises.

The bustling lives of the local traders at Phu Hau Wholesale Market have given me a profound insight into the everyday, simple lives of the people in Hue.

  • Address: 45A Nguyen Gia Thieu, Phu Hau Ward, Hue City

Vy Da Market-the market on the well-known land

The Vy Da Market will be on the list of Hue must-visit market addresses. Surely, Vy Da village is already a familiar rural name that everyone knows in Hue. This market area has also taken the name of the village.

The goods in the market are diverse and rich, with the most crowded stalls or street vendors offering fresh food to serve the daily meals of the locals. Of course, this market south of the Perfume River cannot be without the mussel specialties of the Perfume River, which lies just behind the market. The Vy Da Market certainly never lacks mussels, as the sacred area of mussels is only a few meters away from the market.

Vy Da Market captivated me from the first glance, thanks to the rustic charm of Hue’s countryside. Here, the stalls filled with enticing mussels are unusually attractive. While enjoying the unique flavors of dishes prepared at these stalls, I heard stories about the history of the village and the lives of the local people. This is a unique and fascinating experience.

  • Address: 187 Nguyen Sinh Cung, Vy Da village

Xep Market – Secondhand Hue Market

The Xep market is like any other market in Hue. Here, people trade in food, daily necessities, and so on. But strangely, next to the market, numerous stalls selling secondhand items have emerged at some point, and over time, they have become the most memorable aspect of this place.

Here, you can find everything from T-shirts, trousers, and dress shirts to imported footwear, hats, and backpacks from fashion-forward places like South Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia, and more. This not only attracts the younger generation and the working class but also fashion enthusiasts in Hue who come here to hunt for unique items.

In particular, the Xep market is not just a place for cheap secondhand goods; it also offers various types of clearance items, stock inventory, display items, and recycled goods with unique styles and affordable prices.

A day of thrift shopping at Xep Market is a unique experience for me. Browsing through the stalls feels like searching for hidden treasures. The excitement of finding unique items adds to the allure of my trip. After a tiring day of shopping, stopping by local eateries to taste Hue’s specialties is also a fascinating experience that you should try.

  • Address: Nhat Le, Thuan Thanh, Hue City
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