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5 Criteria to Choose Your Suitable Halong Cruise

You are looking for a Halong Cruise that suits you perfectly? These are 5 important criteria for you to base on to find your best choice. Price, of course an essential criteria, so I don’t mention it in this list. A good price shouldn’t be cheap but reasonable for the quality. As there are hundreds of Halong Cruises in all category, you are recommended to choose a decent one, from the mid-range cruise, to ensure the safety, comfort and pleasure.

1. Halong cruise type: a traditional junk or a modern metal boat

On Halong Bay, there are two kinds of cruises, traditional wooden junks and modern metal boats. The cruise types don’t decide the quality of service, but bring different experiences. Thus, choosing which one is completely up to your own interest. Most of Halong Cruises are traditional wooden junks, which are designed elegantly and charmingly. Exteriors look almost the same in white paint color (this paint color is indicated by Quang Ninh province’s tourism authority), but each has its own look inside. Some keep the chic white color inside, some use dark brown of nature wood to create cozy atmosphere. Traditional junks tend to create warmer, and more Oriental feelings onboard. While, modern metal boats seem more safety, modern and bigger. They look more like a cruise! The metal cruises on Halong Bay offer spacious cabin, wide public spaces for further comfort. Each cruise type has it own beauty and attraction, so let’s think which one you prefer before select a good cruise for your trip to Halong Bay.

2. Run by reliable Halong Cruise company

This is absolutely true! You should choose a cruise that is run by a reliable Halong Cruise Company. Among hundreds of cruises on Halong Bay, some are owned by big companies, some are run by private family, others invested by the affluent in other areas. The cruises run by big and reliable companies are more recommended for you. They have more experience and are more professional in providing cruising service. Some options are Bhaya Cruises Company, Oriental Sail Company, and Paradise Cruise Company. They have a fleet of cruises in all categories for you to choose.

3. Interesting Itinerary

Halong Bay Cruises have different itinerary, you should study some itinerary options and choose which you prefer. They may include visit caves, fishing villages, kayaking, rock climbing, etc. As Halong Bay more and more crowded with cruises, travelers are looking for less crowed area, offering more peaceful and pristine beauty. Less popular route to further area will bring more surprise and comfortable feelings during the journey

4. Cruise facilities and average cabin sizes

You will spend 2 or 3 days on your Halong Cruise, so modern cruise with nice facilities are very important. The cruise should be clean, nice designed and have enough in-room amenities: en-suite bathroom, comfortable bedding, fridge, etc. Because Halong Cruises have limited area, some have tiny and uncomfortable cabins, make sure you book for a cruise with decent cabin sizes, at least 12m2 per cabin.

5. Staffs and service onboard

Staffs and service onboard will make sure you have a smooth and relaxing trip. They must be professional and have enough experience in cruising and hospitality. Friendliness is the first character, next is delightfulness and helpfulness. If you are welcomed warmly with smiles and care, your Halong Cruise would be perfect. Start looking for your suitable Halong cruise today, make a short list and compare them on these above 5 criteria, you will find you own choice soon. Wish you a memorable cruise to Halong Bay!

Kris Goetghebeur

Author: Kris Goetghebeur

With over 20 years of work experience, ranging from seasonal to full-time assignments in different sectors of the Travel, Recreation, Hostelry, and Service Industry, I have a strong background. I have been based in Saigon, Vietnam, since 1999. My educational qualifications include a degree in Management in Tourism and Recreation Studies as well as a degree in Accountancy. I am proficient in French, Dutch, English, and German. I have extensive experience in crafting tailor-made tours and incentive packages, boasting a nearly 100% satisfaction record from my customers.

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