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Shimmering Hue at night

Shimmering Hue at night

If you choose Hue to be the travel destination for relaxing, refreshing your mind, it will be a great idea. Staying in Hue in few days, you can absolutely feel the vibrant new interesting things in this dreamy land. Here are four interesting things to do in Hue if you want to discover at night:
You can not overlook watching sparkling Trang Tien bridge with friends or maybe alone. It is the most beautiful bridge in Hue that everytourist want to visit here, at least one time. But if you just want to watch and enjoy romantic scenary, you should wait until weekend’s nights when is the best time for you. The bridge with colorful light reflecting in water which creates a dreamy and sparkling scenary is very attractive.

hue beer Shimmering Hue at night

After watching splendid Trang Tien bridge, you can immerse in Hue singing in Perfume river. Normally, Hue at night is quite quiet or perhaps very sad and if you visit Hue in a rainy night, you will feel even sadder than normal nights. If you want to soothe the melancholy of your soul in such a night, listening traditional Hue singing in a boat in Perfume river is a great choice. This is tested by many travelers and it becomes a must-experience if you visit Hue, even in the dried nights.
Obviously, if you like the bustle, crowded place, walking around night streets in Hue will be very excited. In Hue, tourism night streets have just appeared in recent years. The one that is organized in scale is Nguyen Dinh Chieu street with thousands of tourists and indigenous people coming to cheer each night. Here selling many pretty souvenirs such as wooden Hue cyclo, Buddha rosary, Hue’s landscape paintings and so on. You can easily select a lovely souvenir after a Hue tour. The night streets now are part of the vibrant and bustling nightlife in Hue when the number of tourists travelling to Hue increase everyday.

pho di bo hue Shimmering Hue at night

If you feel tired after walking around night streets in Hue, a cup of “bệt” coffee near the lakeshore will bring you the relaxation. When night falls, sitting in a closed coffee shop to outside, you may feel lost in front of other guests. But if you choose a “bệt” café shop, you will lively atmosphere of this old capital land which is inherently meditative. This café shops definitely are attractive destinations for tourists in Hue. Espcieally, in hot summer, when you come to visit Hue in tour, you can leisurely see that lake scenary with green willow trees swaying into the wind that will surely dispel the sultry atmosphere of summer and create an interest feeling.

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